Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An ackward moment.....hmmmmm??

So Ryan was off work today and we caught up on many things around the house. I actually got to take a shower without interruption, which as a mom is unheard of. Riley had school this morning and demanded that Ryan take her to school. She is so in love with her daddy, she cried when he left the school. I feel for her and know her sadness. Ryan has been working crazy hours. When I say crazy, I really mean crazy hours. He has been putting in over sixty hours a week. So naturally my kiddos have been craving his attention. Rileyn has always been a daddy's girl from day one. In fact, when she came out she was screaming and crying. The minute they handed her to Ryan, she stopped crying and just stared into Ryan's eyes. So, I exist as her mommy but if Ryan's in the room, I am just a warm body that feeds and cleans. Yes, and I'm okay with that once in a while, it gives me a break.

Anyway, after naps and dinner, we went to Fred Meyer to get a few items. As I'm walking down, ironically the feminine aisle, I see the doctor that delivered Avery walking by me. So let's back up a little.

I had never seen nor meet this doctor until the moment of delivery. I was ready to push and he was no where to be found at the hospital. In fact, he was still seeing patients at the clinic across the street! So I had to wait, yes I said wait. For those of you who haven't given birth yet, when you're ready to push, that's it there is NO waiting! So I am waiting and waiting for him to get there. He gets there and two pushes later, Avery was born. So he introduces himself and we all go on with life. I saw him one time for the birth of my baby. So I found it an awkward moment in the grocery store when he recognized me. What do you say??? Hello, are you enjoying the weather? AWKWARD! I didn't know what to say! Great job delivering my baby? So this is what I say.....

Believe me if I could go back in time I would have. "Hey I have a medical question for you"....seriously that's what I asked. Who asks an OBGYN that in the feminine aisle at the grocery store on his time off a medical question? ME! Oh my gosh I was so embarrassed! Needless to say, he answered it and life went on.

I hope and pray that never happens again! So what do you say to your doctor in public? I don't really know. AWKWARD!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

If it's too good to be probably isn't.

After two months of trying to purchase this investment property....we pulled the plug. We were set to close tomorrow but due to issues with our lender (Banner Bank), we were pushed back and forced to file an extension with GMAC (Seller) until next Friday. Needless to say, GMAC denied our request for an extension. They want 100 dollars per day until we close on the home. Okay so that means at least 700 dollars since we are now scheduled to close next Friday on top of the money we already have to fork out for penalty fees. Two words sum up how I feel about that.......NO WAY!!!!!

After much debate with my husband and going to a different lender today, we decided to sign our right to cancel and walk away from this investment property. We were so close to being done with this deal. In fact so close, we even went to the house and fixed a few exterior things. We forfeited our earnest money, lost 300 dollars for an inspection and 600 dollars for the appraisal fees. But it was worth it in the end to me.

You know that old saying??? "If it's too good to be true, it probably isn't." Goodbye to the house on Jay st.

On a much lighter note, I went out for a girls night out to see "Ghost of Girlfriend's Past". Unless you're totally in love with Matthew, don't waste your time. A corny movie and completely predictable. Go and see "State of Play". I love that movie, it kept me on my toes!

All the kiddos are in bed and I'm relieved to be done with this house. To top of the night with a movie made for a great day! Ready for some warm and sunny weather.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm diving in, I'm going deep.....

Okay I decided to get on the bandwagon and start a blog since I always have something to say. My friends would agree with me on that one. I am a mom to three beautiful kiddos. Rileyn is four going on thirteen, Brayden is two going on two, and Avery is 8 months. I have a wonderful husband named Ryan whom I adore. We have been married for almost five years. Wow time has flown by. So after five years of starting a family and reading many blogs, I have decided to dive in and go deep. I hope this blog will help me share my stories, vent my frustration and act as a journal for my kids to read someday. Okay now that the introduction is out of the way...let's move on.

We have been in the process of buying our first investment property. It was supposed to be a fun and exciting adventure. We found the house a few months ago and decided after two years of looking for an investment, we would make an offer. The house was a foreclosure. That should have been my first clue, yeah I know that now. We had our twenty five percent to put down and submitted all our paperwork to our lender. We were set to close on April 24th. That didn't happen, so it was pushed back to May 8th. We went in last week to sign final documents and the dates were incorrect! The documents were redrawn and sent back to the title company yesterday. We went in to sign them today and the closing amount was incorrect. When I say incorrect, I mean almost five hundred dollars incorrect! So now we are at a standstill on what to do. Do we dip into savings again? Do we pocket the money and forget the house? What to do?

My whole thing is, maybe it wasn't meant to be? Is God trying to tell me something? Am I not listening? My husband thinks it the money maker of the century and I want nothing to do with it! Yikes! We have until 5:00pm today to make a decision to close on Friday. Oh yeah and I forgot to mention that I have several people interested in renting this house out, and they have appointments to see the house this weekend! What's a girl going to do! My thought is keep the twenty five percent and pay off our car! We will be debt free except for our home mortgage. Also, we'd be able to pocket about seven thousand of the twenty five percent! That sounds like a steal of the century. to convince my husband that there will always be a great deal out there for an investment home...???? Any suggestions? More to come on this tomorrow.

So that's my problem for the day. Wow, after reading my first blog, I feel so cynical and negative. But I also feel so much better getting that off my chest.